Tension Resistance
PVC & UPVC Pipes With High Reliability on tension and stress

Thermal Resistance
Our U-PVC Pipes Are Resistant To Fire

International Standards
High Quality Production Procedures Fitting International Certifications

Customer Support
Product With Your Requirments In Size And Specification


PVC &  UPVC Pipes : Knee For Pipes: Key Box (Three Star): Coupling (Three Star) : Junction Box (Three Star) : Cover For Pipes (Three Star) :

UPVC Pipe Specification

UPVC Pipes Specification UPVC Pipes (for Electrical Circuits) : UPVC Pipes (for Communication Use) : UPVC Pipes (for Downpipe Use): Knee (For UPVC Pipes Electrical Circuits):  

ISO 9001 Certification

ISO 14001 Certification

ISO 18001 Certification

CE Certification